Activity Write Ups - 2004 - Cub Family Camp

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The cub family camp is a great opportunity for the parents to see what the lads get up to on weekends away. They join in with all of the activities and have just as good a time as the lads. This year's cub family camp was themed on Egyptians. All the activities and bases were themed on this, from making mummies to being turned in to one! As well as these bases the old favourites were thrown in, climbing, archery and shooting.

Craft bases included, making a mummy from a pringles tube, mummy mind games, and guess who's mummy is who? This was a collection of pictures of the mums on the weekend when they were children. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get hold of any for the website. Shame!

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At this base we made a real mummy. One team member was elected to be made into a living mummy. This involved alot of tissue paper and deep concentration from the subject mummy. Points were awarded for the best team mummy.

Climbing is another popular base with the cubs, as with the scouts on Snowshine all the cubs made a valiant effort to reach the top. The cubs did very well but we wont mension their parents.

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This just illustrates that all ages attended the camp, and all ages enjoyed the activities provided.


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