Activity Write Ups - 2004 - Snowshine

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The troops camping season started this February with Snowshine's activity camp at Hesley Wood. This is an indoor camp, which we open up to other scout and guide troops. Participants stay in dormitories and take part in bases like climbing, orienteering, blind trails and remote control. For the first time in 12 years there was actually snow! making it a 'proper' Snowshine.

Morning exercises, usually a short jog followed by stretches and starjumps etc. Great for waking everyone up and working up a good appitite for breakfast.

Snowshine 2004
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The Blind Trail. In theory this is a very simple base. You take your necker, put it on as a blind fold and follow a rope, layed out on a twisting course, through streams, mud and even trees. Watch out though, because there is always other obstacles to catch you out.

Climbing is an activity we try to do alot of at 3hg. Snowshine at Hesley Wood gave us the perfect opportunity to build on our past experience. Lots of people find the height difficult, but as you can see in the picture, everyone gave it their best shot.

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At the end of the weekend, all Scouts, Guides and Explorers come together for the closing ceremony, here prizes for the best times and scores on the blind trail, assault course, shooting and archery are awarded.


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